Undertaker House. New scene that I’m working on. Basic layout and some initial lights. I saw this house on one of the city graveyards in Edinburgh and wanted to make something similar. Now that I look at it, I don’t really like the roof so I will re model it and add some variation to the shape. 2340988 different tombstones coming after that. What I’m trying to focus on here is the atmosphere. Want to give it this misty eerie feel so I’m trying to make this crawling fog, tried three different methods so far [fluid effects, environment fog and volume primitives]. I guess I’ll research and explore that way more to get satisfactory results before I move to texturing. Now it’s just gray blob, or something more like, I dunno terrible CGI clouds. But I got the sky color exactly how I wanted it, so I’m happy with that.   

3d 3d modeling 3d art maya 2014 graveyard cemetery

The desert truck is now finished. I’m quite happy how it turned out in the end. Next step would be recreating the windshield, making it actual geometry with proper glass shader instead of textured plane. And sculpting this terrain with some 3d grass and small bushes on top of it.  

Color wise, I wanted to give it a post apocalyptic fallout feel. 

Maya 2014/ Mental Ray / Photoshop CS6 / Uvlayout / Magic Bullet Looks

maya 3d 3d art 3d modeling 3d texturing uv layout photoshop magic bullet truck automotive vehicle desert derelict grunge post apocalyptic fallout dodge car rendering mental ray